The Forum on
Global Heritage in
a Developing World:
Focus on Asia

May 3, 2012 - Asia Society - New York

By invitation only.

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Celebrating its 10th anniversary next year, Global Heritage Fund (GHF) is an international conservancy whose mission is to protect, preserve and sustain the most significant and endangered cultural heritage sites in the developing world.

Founded in 1956 by John D. Rockefeller III, Asia Society is the leading educational organization dedicated to promoting mutual understanding and strengthening partnerships among peoples, leaders and institutions of Asia and the United States in a global context.


Held in partnership with the Asia Society in New York, The Forum on Global Heritage in a Developing World: Focus on Asia brings together the leading experts in heritage conservation, international development, philanthropy, and economics to explore the development challenges facing Asia’s most important and endangered heritage sites.

The event’s diverse program is designed to enable local philanthropists, conservationists and private sector leaders to participate in an open dialogue with some of the world’s leading authorities on historic preservation and international development. Expert panelists and keynote speakers will discuss challenges and innovative solutions in heritage conservation, master planning, site management, sustainable preservation and tourism, and integrated community development. Invited participants will share their own experiences from the fields of business, government, academia and conservation through afternoon workshop sessions. Discussion will focus on Asian nations, but findings can be applied globally across the developing world.

The Forum will include the public announcement of a new global study in celebration of GHF’s10-year anniversary—Global Heritage-Based Development: A New Paradigm for the Developing World—which analyzes the growth and development of global heritage sites over the past 10 years, and evaluates strategies for truly sustainable conservation in the coming decades. This marks the expansion of a global campaign to save the developing world’s most important and endangered archaeological and heritage sites—before they are lost forever.




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